The Measles is a virus caused disease. Before the development of vaccination, more than 2 million people died every year from this deadly virus. The virus is very contagious which mainly impacts the young children. Even with the availability of the effective and reliable vaccine, more than 100 thousands peopled died from measles only in 2015 (according to the World Health Organization).

But, from the 2000, the Measles was declared eliminated in the United State.

The measles is usually transmitted in humans via direct contact and through air. The measles is part of paramyxovirus group. After infecting the respiratory system, the virus spread within the body. Around 10 days after the virus infects a person, the first symptoms that are high fever, runny noise, cough starts to appear. The main sign of measles is rash. The rash appears on the face and neck area and then spread to other parts of the body such as hands and feet. “Most measles-related deaths are caused by complications associated with the disease. Complications are more common in children under the age of 5, or adults over the age of 20. The most serious complications include blindness, encephalitis (an infection that causes brain swelling), severe diarrhoea and related dehydration, ear infections, or severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia.”

To protect the body from the virus a vaccine is developed that is called measles-mumps-rubella (MMR). The MMR vaccine during childhood provides long-lasting protection against all strains of measles.







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