A parasite that could cause Malaria is being transferred via a mosquito. The effects of the malaria disease will include sever fever and coldness. The disease if not attended may result in dead of the infected person especially in children. According to the CDC, more than 200 million of people infected with the disease in 2015 with majority of the mortality occurred in Africa.

Many reasons could cause happening of Malaria epidemic in a region. One of the reasons is major migration of people to area where malaria is widespread. Incomplete abolition of the mosquitos that carries disease or partial treatment programs can also cause an epidemic rebound.

When the symptoms occur, the first thing the doctor’s may ask is about the history of patient’s travel. To prevent spread of infection in the region a fast and accurate diagnose is necessary. To treat malaria, few steps are required:

  • Understand the severity of the disease.
  • The species of malaria parasite casing the infection
  • The location and community where the disease happens
  • The available drug and if the organism is resistant to any treatment options
  • The infected person characteristics such as age and weight

To prevent malaria in countries those are susceptible to this disease, it is important to improve the interventions targeting, maintaining antimalarial drugs stocks, and analyzing the risk areas.






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